Our mission

  • We are a little different than other cleaning companies you may know or have had experience with.
  • We are helping people find freedom from housework which many of us find to be boring and unsatisfying.
  • We seriously care about your home and your  wellbeing as a clean, fresh home with a personal touch is a place that  you should want  to relax in with a glass of wine, a good film or book with your loved ones.
  • We are here to take care of your daily/weekly cleaning routines.
  • I have been working in the hospitality business for several years and I have learned that customers must always be  valued and we should concentrate on your (not our) cleaning needs. So let us know what you need and we will make sure we will meet and exceed all your expectations.
  • Cleaning, ironing, mowing your lawn, rearranging your furniture around, if you want and until you are satisfied with your new layout.
  • In response to the current COVID-19 situation we can also disinfect your home thoroughly, and our staff members will be equipped with PPE for their and your safety.


So what have you got in mind? Email/call us and we will discuss further to find out what we should start with and what to do to make you feel more satisfied in your own home.

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